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Public Records . The Ohio State Highway Patrol maintains criminal investigation reports taken by troopers and Ohio Investigative Unit agents. To order a criminal investigation report, or to make a request for other public records under Ohio Revised Code section 149.43, please e-mail the Central Records Unit at [email protected] You may also contact Central.

. Our dedication and strict adherence to our core values and principles ensures that the Kentucky State Police will remain a detail-oriented, efficient and professional law enforcement agency in.

Florida - Vacation hotspot offering numerous beaches and the world's most popular theme park Despite its official nickname being "The Sunshine State", the nation's third most populous state is actually more lightning and hurricane-prone than any other. That doesn't stop millions of people per year from flocking to the state's most important location, the most visited vacation resort.

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Per KRS 189.635 - to obtain a copy of a vehicle accident report, you must be a party to the accident, the parent or guardian of a minor who is party to the accident, insurers of any party who is the subject of the report, or an attorney of the parties. Cost Report cost is usually $10. (Price determined by the hosting service) Information needed. Receive My Crash Report. Contact Iowa State Patrol. Learn About Career Opportunities. Find My District Office. See Iowa Road Conditions. Learn About Patrol Specialty Units. Get Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.


One passenger and the driver of one of the trains were killed. April 3, 1989 – Italy – Two cars of the train from Bari derailed and slammed against the rail at San Severo, Foggia, killing eight and injuring 20. [9] April 16, 1989 – India – Karnataka express train derailed at Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh, killing 75 people.

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